INFORMATION (the un-fun stuff)

Rehearsals take place at
Suite #2 
1678 Ellington Road  
South Windsor, CT.
Performance locations will vary.


Rock band 101 is a 12 week performance ensemble class.
The class will meet once a week for 2 hours at Mach 1 Music.
There are no make-ups if you are absent.
If we have to cancel for some reason, we might, at our discretion, schedule an additional rehearsal. We also might try to have extra rehearsals if there is a gig comimg up. No extra charge for additional rehearsals. 

The cost of the class is $300.00. There is a 10% discount for students of Mach 1 Music or Cotton Drum School. 

Students must arrive on time to rehearsals and performances.

Students must work on required songs at home between rehearsals.
Students must bring their own instrument. Guitar/Bass/Keyboards 
Drums and guitar amps are provided. Guitar/Bass students must bring a strap. In some rare cases a student may be asked to provide their own amp. 

Students need to supply a binder with paper and pencil each week.

Students should have access to the internet to research tunes.
Guitar/Bass students must have a tuner and tune up when they get to Mach 1 Music. 

Students will be taught and are required to set up and pack up their own equipment, stands, and cables.

Students must be courteous and respectful at all times. Proper attire and language is expected.

Most importantly...

students MUST have fun ...

and ROCK!!! 

(All policies are subject to change without notice)
Michael Kevetos

Dennis Cotton